Two favorite NutriBlasts I’d like to share.

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Steve L.
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Both of these are based on the large cup size, hope you enjoy these ideas, I think there delicious.

Breakfast boost:

Half the tall cup filled with greens mixture: spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, broccoli
Half a banana
About a quarter of an avocado
Pineapple (I cut up a fresh pineapple into chunks and freeze it) so one or two chunks
Goji berries

Afternoon boost:

Same as above with the greens
Orange (half or whole)
A few strawberries
Flax seed
about a tsp of raw organic cacao

Awesome- they sound good.
I love the two combinations you made! How long have you been drinking them for?
I've had my Nutribullet for two weeks now and I'm lovin' it, finally a way for me to get lots of veggies that I wouldn’t normally eat without really knowing it. Normally I have two a day, sometimes three, but I find If I have that third one in the evening I don’t get a good sleep, which is consistent I guess. In just a short time I find that my mood has improved, energy has increased, weight going down, and just an overall feeling of … feeling better.
Yum they sound good will give them a try! Wally
Awesome! Have to try these - the morning Blast sounds especially delicious.. :)
I've been mixing my own concoctions, and am loving them all! This morning I did: Spinach, an apple, a kiwi, a banana and 2 tbps hemp seeds it was my favorite so far! I also have to say, I made the white bean and veggie soup recipe (but put more cajun powder than called for *I like spicy* and used a green bell pepper instead of the mushrooms *I don't like mushrooms*) it was DELICIOUS