Tyramine Free Blasts / Smoothies

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Derrick P.
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Glad to have found this site after geting a Nutribullet . I have been vegan for over 10 years with little health problems until 3 months ago . I won't go into all the details but  here's a summary . Spinning episods along with constant giddiness . Blood work showed High blood pressure , high trigylcerides (320)  , and high cholesterol . I was sent to an ENT and he told me that I have vestibular migranes which causes vertigo .  The  best results for treatment has been diet modification . I go to see the ENT this Wednesday to actually get test results back to see if it is vestibular migraines or something else. I have had a brain MRI done and it was clear . 

Anyway the diet modification means no soy product , no fermented foods , no bananas , no avacados , no citrius fruits , no nuts  , no vinegars ( except white distilled) . Kinda bummed on this.  I have been juicing steadily for the past 2 weeks and have been feeling better . Blood pressure is back in the normal range . Lost 15 pounds this past month . Energy is coming back . 

Now I'm trying to find some good smotthie recipes . I always used bananas  and/or  avacados as a base . PLus I usually threw in some type of nuts . Would love to hear of some blends that are free of these . I have been experimenting with tahini as a base but it hasn't been going to well . Can't find the right amount .  Same with oats . I can have all veggies , berries , seeds , and as far I know superfoods are fine . 



I'm glad you are feeling better Derrick! Maybe this list will spark a few ideas? http://www.fdnow.org/images/TyramineFreeList.pdf Maybe look into chia seeds or other seeds besides sesame. Sorry I'm not well versed on unique amino acid profiles :(
I like to add 1/4 to 1/2 of a cooked, cooled sweet potato instead of banana or avocado. It gives the same creaminess, but it's more filling for me. I just cook a bunch in my crockpot and then stick them in the fridge.