Up .8 lb Over the Holidays...

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Roberta C.
Joined: 8/23/2013

...and that ain't bad, considering (a) I went almost two full weeks around Thanksgiving with no blasts due to a blade problem, and (b) I enjoyed all my family's food-related traditions between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Moderation has been key on my entire weight loss journey, and I *werked* it through this series of weeks that can be so difficult for most of us. Oh, I have miles to go before my journey is done, but the path is clear and broad. Some of the impediments still in my way? I need to move more. And I need to increase my flexibility, both physical and emotional. I will be joining many of you for the detox starting tomorrow, but with some modification, as I do not like to play by the rules in a really strict way when it comes to my food choices--too reminiscent of all the ways weight-loss approaches have failed me in the past. But I intend to do two green blasts, low on the fruit and high on the anti-inflammatories, along with a pretty darned clean meal once a day.  Here's to us!

Bobbie Anne you just traversed the most difficult time of the year for us that are health concious and you held your own! You are doing great, Jusst jump back on the journey like you were, you are doing great. i am really proud of you and you are a leader by showing everyone that it can be done!! Healthy wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.