using fresh mint

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Sharon H.
Joined: 7/06/2014
I just got my nutribullet two weeks ago. I am trying to be healthy and loose 40 lbs. Last night I made a drink with spinach, apple, lemon. rind one handful of mint and coconut water and a bit of honey. It was so good. I am wondering if anyone else has used mint.
I love to put mint in my Blasts. The trouble is, most stores around here sell a container that says "Mint", but you never know what kind it will be! Usually it's Spearmint, which is alright, but I prefer Peppermint. So in the spring I bought my own Peppermint plant. I noticed that it didn't have much of a Pepperminty taste, so now I'm trying to figure out if it's really Peppermint. I think they sold me Spearmint or some other variety of mint. Don't know why it's so hard to get Peppermint!