Vitality Superboost

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Michael L.
Joined: 2/03/2014

I recently purchased the NutriBullet with 2 containers of Vitality Superboost. I have a question and a request for someone from NutriLiving.

1. On the container under "Allegen Information" it says "Made in factory that processes shellfish". I'm allergic to scalops but not shell fish in gerneral. I'm wondering if I should be concerned about using the Vitality Superboost as a supplement for this reason.

2. Can someone send me a more detailed list of the ingredients with percentages used in the Vitality Superboost. It really only shows percentages of sodium, potassium and vitamin C on the container. The stuff is pretty expensive if that's primarily what's included.


Please see my reply on your other post in "Ask the Dietitian" for this same Q!