Wait a minute... What!?

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Jose Roberto I.
Joined: 4/11/2013

OK, so, I bought my NutriBullet in January, but I've been a member of this site since April... A few weeks ago I had a problem with my extractor blade, long story short, I called customer service (which is getting better btw) and they told me I was going to receive an email with the shipping confirmation for my new extractor blade. I received that email today and I was surprised by what I read at the bottom, it says "Your NutriBullet purchase comes with 6 MONTHS FREE access to our NutriBullet Member Site, NutriLiving.com..." I was like "Wait a minute... What!? 6 MONTHS!? :-O" is that like a new thing going on for new costumers or has it been going on like this since the beginning? 'Cause I've never seen that before, I had no idea this was for a limited time only, and if so, when will it end for me? In October or next month?? :( please help me with this confusion... I hope to read good news.

The six month free-period will begin once we exit the beta version of the site.
ok, thanks for the info :/