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Maria M.
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I live in the city. Therefore, instead of being lazy and hop on a cab or subway to my destination, I walk if it's close enough to walk but far enough to hop on a cab or subway or walk further to another subway station if my destination is farther to walk (ex. another city/borough).  it feels great to walk.  With all the energy I get from my Nutriblast , walking is like a walk in the park or even walking on could 9.                    


**Keep that walk option open at all times to incorporate into your excercise regiment.

I completely agree with your strategy! Keep it up, and be sure to keep us updated! :)
I miss living in a city where I am able to walk and take public transport everywhere. I love walking... Fortunately I live in Southern California by the beach where I can walk year round. The only problem is having to carve out time to do this instead of incorporating it into my daily routine. It's amazing how good you feel after just going for a nice long stroll...nothing vigorous needed. Just getting the blood flowing does miracles! Thanks for your post MariaJC!