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Let us know how the NutriBullet is helping you change your lifestyle. What changes have you noticed? Let us know in the comments below and you could be entered to win a chance to chat live with longevity expert David Wolfe via Skype on Feb. 23, 2013. 

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Here is our update so far in the 5th month. We have less allergies, no more night sweats, no more sinus headakes, better vitality overall..We have made another additional change is started drinking 8 bottles of high Ph water and in the blast as well this really helps the nutrients work better...
care to clarify what high Ph water is? Thanks in advance!
It's my 3 month Nutriblasting Anniversary yesterday! While so many around me are getting the flu and cold I have not even break a cough! My resistance is stronger with using the Nutribullet than a flu shot! I cannot go a day without blasting. It's part of me now. It's my life. I paid it forward by telling family and friends and even strangers about it. And in turn I got positive feedback! They keep telling me , "THANK YOU!" I told them I'm just the messenger... Thank makers of Nutribullet." I pray the company keeps up the invention as part of a household item like the food processor, microwave, coffee makers etc. PS I'm happy to say I have fulfilled my 2012 New Years Resolution..... getting back on track to a Healthy me! PPS and my imfamous blackheads since college is GONE! My overall skin improved that I dont even need to put on moisturizer. I put less foundation if that now. Nutribullet is definitely a miracle machine.
INCREDIBLE story, Maria! Especially the part about your New Year's resolution..with holidays coming around, it's definitely good to hear that you're on track. :)
I love being able to have all veggie drinks. My favorite one is spinach and broccoli. The energy boost after drinking it with meals is amazing. :-)
Thanks Laura. David Wolfe isThanks Laura. David Wolfe is absolutely right. Just once a day of Blasting people will start noticing a positive change in you. During the holidays, I didn't over indulge. I didn't deprived myself yet, I was eating healthy and in moderation. My taste and eating habits has definitely changed for the better. It's incredible how fruits and veggies if properly absorbed in the body can transform you into a whole new and improved you. I must say, since discovering the Nutribullet and becoming a proud owner at that, buying fruits, veggies and nuts is so much fun! Has any Nutriblasters feel the same way?
I'm always looking for new ways to eat healthy. I was interested in a juicer but was afraid that the cleaning up afterwards would get old and detour me away from using it eventually. I saw the infomercial and was very intrigued how David was able to pour the nutriblast through a strainer. I figured this was best of both worlds; all the fiber of a smoothie with the consistency of a juice. I make a nutriblast every morning now and sometimes as a snack after work. I KNOW that I'm better off for it. I'm very interested in food and nutrition and would ask David questions regarding such.
I have researched and tried every "diet" out there. Along with scoliosis, I have had thyroid issues and experienced the side effects of those issues- mainly insanely high cholesterol (299!!!) I used to need a nap every single day because of my extreme fatigue. Now, after using my NutriBullet for a few months, I have more energy than I have had in years! I so appreciate this product and the way it is helping me slowly be restored, inside and out. Thank you!
My name is Trina and my husband is James. At 33 I was still like a teenager, looked young, felt young, very energetic. That year I gave birth to my first child. The next year I gave birth to twins. I had three children under 2! My husband is very helpful and supportive, but the time I had to take care of myself was gone. My priorities shifted. Last year I turned 40 and found myself over weight and tired. I needed help. I started reading about plantbased diests. I tried green smoothies, but my blender was not good for it, and with three young children I could not afford one of the expensive ones. I gave up on smoothies and just continued to stay as plant based as I could have. For chirstmas this year my husband got me the nutribullet. On the first we both dove in head first. I have given up all soda. I used to drink diet coke all day every day. My weight loss has averaged a pound or so a week. To date my husband has lost 20+ pounds. I have had a spike in energy and feel much better. I am now adding regular exercise to my diet. We would love to talk to you just to improve what we are doing so great with already. We love and believe in this lifestyle change and could not have done it with out the blasting!
Well, let me start out by saying I have never felt better in my entire life and I will be fifty five in a few months. Over the past ten years I have felt so sickly, aching all over, fatigued, gaining unwanted weight, wrist pain, back pain, foggy head, horrible stomach pains, mental confusion,problems sleeping and just have had no interest in anything much because of all my ills. I was fortunate enough to have a nutriblast drink from a friend of mine and I absolutely LOVED it. I went and bought myself one right away, on New Years Eve, I noticed an energy boost in a weeks time, three weeks into it , my wrist, neck and back pain have subsided, I am sleeping like a baby and I have lost eight pounds.My head no longer has that "foggy" feeling, I feel like I've hit the lottery, and as far as I'm concerned I have. I've stopped eating processed foods and crave all these beautiful foods I have been ingesting and enjoying, it's incredible! I did a lot of research and am still researching whatever I can to retain this new life of mine. If I only would have paid more attention to these problems much earlier, wow. Anyways I like to be a positive person and I can be very positive now that I know the secret to good health. I tell everyone about this, even strangers and they seem to be as excited as I am about this and I hope they go and get a Nutribullet too so that they can also change their lives for the better. Thank you so much Nutribullet, you have no idea what this has done for me and for others I am currently helping, it's working for them also, love you guys <3
Wow, I would love to pick his brain for ideas! I got the Nutribullet for Christmas this year and haven't looked back! :) I am a stay at home Mom to 4 rapidly growing boys ranging in ages 5-15! Happily marred to the love of my life for over 12 years. I am a busy momma! A year ago I was diagnosed with a non-life threatening genetic heart condition. :( After being laid up for 2 months recovering, I changed everything in my life! From eating to cutting the stress out of our lives. We even moved our family to another house to help reduce our stress levels. Everything was going fabulous until I got the Nutribullet! Wow, it opened a whole new world of possibilities! Nutribullet successfully blew our minds! :) I had of course looked at Juicers for the health benefits, but I really didn't need to add to my growing pile of dishes with all of the parts that needed to be washed on a juicer. I was flipping through the channels one night after the kids went to bed when I came across this guy with some crazy hair that was really excited about something! LOL I just had to see what he was talking about. I knew after 5 mins that the Nutribullet would be coming to my house! :D Love his passion for being healthy! Anyways, I have been surprised at the benefits, I thought I was doing pretty good at making healthy choices, and I was. I was able to kick it up a notch with the Nutribullet. Now my WHOLE family is involved in eating healthy. I'm not just preaching it at them, we are having actual conversations about the food going into our bodies. From the little boys wondering what chocolate and bananas taste like, to the big boy's(hubby included) discussing what our bodies need at a cellular level! Booya! Thanks Nutribullet. The Nutribullet has changed my life in so many ways! It's hard to sum them up without taking way longer then I already am. :) I would ask about ingredients that would help maintain a healthy weight. I am very active,Lactose intolerant and eat very little meat. I am the opposite of the majority...I need to gain weight. :/ (being under weight has its own set of problems and issues, so be careful what you wish for. :) Oh and good Nutriblast ingredients for acne/rosacea skin. :) Thanks Nutribullet!
I was thrilled to get a Nutribullet for Christmas. For me, this was a last resort after being diagnosed with stomach cramps due to protein putrification. I was having trouble digesting animal protein, even some grain-based foods. It was a weird diagnosis, but it explained why I was having heartburn 24-7. Can you imagine going to sleep with heartburn, waking up with it, and not feeling hungry all day... because of the constant stomach pain? I started using the Nutribullet to make fresh juices. I love to do this. I went to Trader Joes and bought some frozen pinapple, mango, rasberries, strawberries, etc. Also went to the grocery store for green vegetables and more fresh fruit. What a difference this makes. Slowly, my metabolism and digestion is getting back on track. I am so grateful for the Nutribullet and the commerical with David Wolfe. I love the testimonials on TV and this website, and also the enthusiasm of David Wolfe. This is a new way to eat to live. I love my Nutribullet and am so grateful for this system. It is easy to use and clean up, and I am transforming my health without pills, potions or talk therapy. Thumbs up for the Nutribullet!
Hi Clintus! Congratulations!! You were chosen as one of the winners of the David Wolfe Skype contest! This means you'll have 20 minutes to video chat 1-on-1 with Avocado himself! Check your private messages for details. :)
Hi gypsy! Congratulations!! You were chosen as one of the winners of the David Wolfe Skype contest! This means you'll have 20 minutes to video chat 1-on-1 with Avocado himself! Check your private messages for details. :)
Hi there! Congratulations!! You were chosen as one of the winners of the David Wolfe Skype contest! This means you'll have 20 minutes to video chat 1-on-1 with Avocado himself! Check your private messages for details. :)
Woohoo! I am so lucky!!!! Thank you Nutribullet! :D
Since buying and using the Nutribullet I have seen great results, weight loss, great sleep, I no longer crave sweet food (junk food) or foods that are loaded with fats, though I do eat, I just don't over indulge but my Nutriblast I just cannot get enough, I Nutriblast at least 2 times a day. I love to blast with veggies mostly and a little fruit and of course my flaxseed and cacao powder, thank you so much for this wonderful appliance
my name is maggie I am having trouble digesting any dairy products is there a smoothie I can make to replace for calcium that my body needs
beace_maker wrote: my name is maggie I am having trouble digesting any dairy products is there a smoothie I can make to replace for calcium that my body needs
For calcium, think beans and greens! Also, most dairy alternatives are fortified with as much if not more calcium than milk. My favorite it vanilla unsweetened almond milk :)