Warm Soup

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Hoss K.
Joined: 8/16/2013

I like to make a warm soup in my blaster, after blasting if I heat it in Microwave does it cause it to alter it's nutrition value/quality? 

well Hoss (did you like Bonanza growing up?? 8-) I think that even if you heat up your NB ingredients, you are still ingesting way more vegetables than before - at least in my case this is how it is! I am not real good at having cold veggie NBs....still working on this, but warmed up?? - awesome. Last night it was chilly here in the midwest (yay), and I had cooked purple cabbage and onion the day before, so I tossed it in the NB, then heated it up...wonderful. And consuming something SO PURPLE was certainly entertaining. And - help me out here NB nutritionists - aren't quite a few veggies better for you after cooking a bit?...
You are correct cattlegirl, some nutrients are enhanced when certain foods are cooked (carrots and tomatoes are examples of this). Check out this article here for your microwaving Qs :) http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/microwaves-are-they-dangerous