Watching the Antioxidants during Treatment

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Shari Pack
Joined: 10/16/2012

Food and supplement consumption during cancer treatment is something that should be discussed with your doctor early on.

I was under the impression prior to beginning my chemotherapy that I should continue taking my vitamins to stay strong and drink my usual 2 cups of green tea daily. I was surprised to learn that certain foods, tea and supplements can actually be counter productive to the treatment. 

When fellow NutriBlasters ask me about recipes to help them stay strong during treatment, I usually suggest using the NutriBullet to make drinks high in protein. Treatment of course varies depending upon the person and the type of cancer, but what is most important is to find out which foods you should avoid and which ones will be of most benefit to you during the treatment course. 

Foods and supplements high in antioxidants that can help build the immune system are not always the best choices when undergoing certain cancer treatments. So something that you may think might be a healthy selection may not be the best choice during a certain period of time.

Bottom Line:Learn which foods, ingredients and supplements to avoid during your cancer journey. You do not want to do anything that will interfere with the your course of treatment. 

Thanks for this. My husband is having his last round of chemo so maybe it's best to see what foods I can use in the blast for him.