Water substitutions

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Martha Q.
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Some recipies call for spring water, almond milk or coco water.  Can we mix and match the three?  The basic blast calls for water but I tried almond water and it tasted much better.

seems like a good solution for enhancing taset to me. will give it a try myself. if you are trying to keep calories/fat down then water is the way to go obviously.
Feel free to sub any of your favorite beverages (chilled green tea, coconut water, almond milk, hemp milk, etc.) - as long as they are not carbonated or hot. Keep in mind health and try to limit the added sugar to your Blast!
I will make my own water blend. I use my Takeya water jug to mix fruits in it. I also started using coconut water. It's so good! http://www.takingkaramyself.com/blog/nutriblast-coconut-water-blend
Oceanspray has a line of diet juices that are mostly water and I find this makes a much tastier drink than adding water, esp cran-cherry. Only adds 5 calories/0 sugar.