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I created an account here with my ipad which created a username I did not choose because it "auto corrected" it. Who can I contact for help? I can't find anywhere on here for support. Thanks!

What email address did you use to sign up? Do you know what user name you created?
Yes I do know that info...rather not post it here for all to see.
Go ahead and "friend" CB and send him a private message - he is our social media manager. He'll help troubleshoot for you.
Thanks, Krista! I don't know anyone on here yet. New to this and looking forward to some great tips and recipes!
Hey Buzmac! Were you able to get this resolved? I tried to add you to help you out as well, but your profile has no info!
Send me a message, so I can get more information from you.
I am having the same problem as Buzzmac and sent CB a private message. But anyone have any info on how to correct my Username?
HI, I pulled up one of your recipes that was posted on Facebook and it had an option of "pinning" it to Pintrest. I did that, but went back to look at other recipes and I don't see that option on any other recipes. I'd like a way to "save" the recipes on Pinterest so I have access on my phone or iPad so I don't have to pull up the website when I'm making my smoothies. Can you help me? Thanks!
We are working on adding pinterest buttons to all of our content, but you can add a "Pin it" button to your bookmarks and use that when you want to pin something from any site. Use this link:
I have a question about my account/profile.......Why isnt the photo I have for my account not showing when I make comments?????????????????????????????????????????????????. i've only seen a few profile picture but I thought it must be people arent using them but also I see no option in editing the profile where its says if you want a picture shown or not. I saw one comment that said it may take 24-48 hours for you uploaded profile pic to show on the account but its now been over a month!!!! All it shows with my comment is my screen name and a generic looking outline phto shadow as a picture NOT the one I uploaded. But that one does show under my account/profile info. So what is wrong???
great now I notice it shows the pic in this forum but it doesnt in others....such as superfood fridays & weight loss with NB (those are the two forums i visit most often but no pic there!). Plus I cant seem to click on my screen name by my comment to try and add the picture. Why is only showing up on here??? Its a funny picture of my cat as you can see...and i'd like it to be in the forums i go to almost daily
BTW the email add is and mrsdmk is the screen name