weight loss plan to follow?

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Dana P.
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I just got my NutriBullet and I'm ready to get started. I'm having trouble finding a plan to follow. My main goal is to lose weight. I see several weight loss blast recipes, but is there a step by step plan to follow. Do I need to do a detox first? If so, which one and for how long? Thanks!
For step by step plan you should take help of [url=http://www.cellublue.com/fr/wonder_body_guide.php]programme fitness[/url]
that will not only guide you but will keep track on diet ,exercise to achieve your fitness goals.
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The best weight loss plan to be followed is never missing the breakfast, drink 5-7 glass of water, include less fatty but nutritious fruits and food to your diet plan.
i think adding more raw fruits and vegetables will also help out reducing your weight
Drink 5-6 glass of water in a day