what does 'cup''mean in the recipes?

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molly g.
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Does cup size literally mean, for example, half the nutribullet cup of blueberries or using a half a cup measuring spoon etc? I'm based in the UK and don't tend to measure in cups but rather grams and ounces...


Thanks x

leedsit wrote: Same issue here, tried to make the Peachy Pickmeup and only managed to stuff the ingredients into a tall cup, then it was packed full. The book is stuffed with lots of stuff but the basics on your measures. Wiki states a CUP in the US is 250ML, So I have a 250ML cup, but one of those full of blackberrys another with Honeydew, then 1 banana, 1 peach and 2 hands of greens, its to much. Lee.
The recipe is more of a guideline than an exact recipe. Since produce size and shape can vary, it is hard to get the proportions right all the time. I suggest getting in as much of the ingredients as possible without stuffing the cup full. As long as you are getting a little of each ingredient, you will receive the health benefits. I advise you to play around with the recipes and have fun creating healthy Blasts.