What did I do wrong?

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Glen R.
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Hey everyone!  Just made up todays blast and not sure what i've done but it tastes awful!  I need to goto Sainsbury's as I'm running a bit low on supplies so i managed to put in some Broccoli, 3 slices of pineapple, an orange, a cored pear and a sprinkling of flaxseed powder!


managed to just about save my blast with a bit of stevia sweetner and some runny honey but only just lot 


advice anyone please?  what did I do wrong?

Hello! Try this recipe. I haven't made it yet but my cousin told me it is her new favorite drink. Antioxidant Fusion Ingredients 2 handful(s) Butter Lettuce 1 Banana 1 Orange ½ cup(s) Pineapple ½ cup(s) Mangos ¼ cup(s) Almonds Water to MAX LINE Instructions Add all ingredients to your Tall Cup and extract for 40 seconds, or until smooth. Description Fight off free radicals and add years with this tasty Blast, perfect for those new to Blasting. For an extra vitamin kick, switch out the butter lettuce for spinach or baby kale; the taste is mild - you won't even know you're drinking something that's good for you!
You didn't do anything wrong, maybe just not a good combination of ingredients. Raw broccoli can be a bit overpowering. Try using baby spinach as your leafy green and add in a sweeter fruit vs. citrus! Coconut water and even unsweetened vanilla almond milk will also do the trick by adding a bit of a sweetness :)
I think also, the 'cup' thing doesn't help lol. We don't measure things by he cup very often really