What if I don't have a Farmers Market close to me can I still go to my regular Grocery Store?

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Luis D.
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Tried searching for a Farmers Market but they seem pretty far away can I still get healthy nutriblasting produce from my local grocery store ?

Here are a few articles I found related to your post, Louie! This one's about making sure you wash produce correctly (can help get rid of pesticides.) http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/getting-pesticides-your-produce And here's one about choosing organic over conventionally-grown.. http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/what-does-organic-really-mean Most grocery stores carry organic produce now, which is definitely great if you don't have any famers' markets in your area. My first reaction to your post, though, was of course you can! If you don't eat many fruits and vegetables and suddenly start nourishing your system with minerals, vitamins, fiber, and all the other healthy things inherently found in produce, your chances of getting healthier are off the charts! :)
Thank you Laura for your help much appreciated Louie
Thanks Laura for the valuable resources! :)