What are your New Years Resolution Health Goals?

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Wally Bishop
Joined: 10/17/2012

I know most of us have health and or fitness goals for this year. I think it would be great if you are will to share yours with others.

OK here are my health and fitness goals for 2013. 

  • Do better at keeping my daily food journal.
  • By April 1st participate in my first 100 mile bike ride.
  • Lower my body fat percentage by 5%
  • Increase muscle by 5%

My diet is very good. My weight is good. I just want to take my fitness up a notch.


Merry Christmas,

Wally Bishop C.N.C.


Hello Wally My New YearsHello Wally My New Years Resolution this year is going to happen this time!!! Again it's lose weight. I have a NutriBullet and I am loving it. This year it is different I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT and get into a healthy BMI range. Colleen from Canada
Colleen thats a great attitude. Keep NutriBlasting and living healthy and it will happen. The key is getting into a comfortable routine. Keep us updated on your progress. Healthy Holiday Wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
One of my goals is to get lean enough to see my six pack in the mirror. It is going to be tough, but I know with enough work and commitment I will be able to do it!
Become a new me, not just Psychically but also Mentally not to be so selfish when it comes to others, to teach the good that I have been learning to others, To Love life and enjoy it to the best of my ability, To make my body Healthy again and not abuse it as I once did, A New Louie 2013
Louie those are great resolution goals. Just start living it and the goals have no choice but to happen. Healthy Holiday Wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Scott you can do it. The last 10 pounds are the hardest for anyone. Getting body fat percentages down enough to see ripped abs is impressive but takes work. As you probably already know developing ripped abs requires working all ab muscles which means many different core developing exercises. You also want to do more reps and less weight and more weight and less reps. Sound confusing yet? . Increasing the weight load on muscles has a tendency to make muscle cells bigger (hypertrophy) making the muscle strands larger but not as defined. While more reps with less weight creates more muscle cells (hyperplasia) which makes smaller muscles strands but more of them causing better definition. A combination of both is needed. The real key though is a reduction in body fat percentage while getting those abs well defined. Many people wanting to build more and better defined muscle get into branched chain amino acids (BCA's), creatine, glutamine etc..... By the way these products can causes water retention making the waist a little puffy. You really don't need them if you have variety in your diet and enough calories. If you want to know more about muscle building and protein you can read my article at http://webndbitesoflife.wordpress.com/2010/08/10/the-truth-about-muscle-building-and-protein-intake/ Healthy Holiday Wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Thank you so much for this detailed and helpful information! Totally appreciated!
We are glad you are including us in your transformation! Looking forward to a healthy 2013 :) See ya in the Cleansing forum...
I fulfilled my 2012 Resolution with the discovery of Nutribullet (just celebrated my 3 months anniversary of Blasting *smilesss!*) For my 2013 New Years Resolution is continue to spread this wonderful miracle of an incredible machinery Nutribullet is, as I continue my transformation into a much healthier, more mentally sharp me. I can't wait. If 3 months can make a life changing physically and mentally, I can't wait for the entire 2013! FYI: I'm not fat nor overweight. However, I was getting out of shape with unwanted bulge here and there. As your birthday comes a knocking, so does the slowness of your metabolism . That was my problem on top of life's stress and tribulations. Since Blasting almost every day from day one , I have not only lost the unwanted bulge here and there, I lost lbs., getting more toned like I have never been before. Even going to the gym in the past has not given me this much of a change in 6 months as the Nutribullet has in 3 months. My outlook on produce and fruits has changed since ordering the Nutribullet. I can't wait for 2013 on what this miracle machine has in store for me. hehe.
What a nice testimonial! Keep it up. Happy New Year :)
Thank you, Krista. As long asThank you, Krista. As long as I have the Nutribullet in my life, every New Year will be a happy one. :-)
Colleen, You will! Just aColleen, You will! Just a blast a day it can make a difference for the better, imagine if you blast twice or 3x? It's amazing. People will see the change in you even if you don't realized it. Good luck and happy blasting :-) Maria