What is the optimal extraction time to retain the vitamins?

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Maria M.
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20 seconds? 30 seconds? 45 seconds? 60 seconds? a minute?.....?


*I find it helpful to  grind the nuts/cacao nibs/seeds first before including it in my blasts. Helps to lessen the extraction time so I can preserve the enzymes/vitamins.

MariaJC, the most important point is to keep the ingredients cold and away from heat/light/and air. The NutriBullet cup is sealed in while extracting so the air won't reach the drink much like a blender or juicer that draws in air would. As far as extraction time, this depends on the ingredients. Some tougher ingredients like carrots or beets may take up to 60 seconds while softer ingredients like banana will liquify in seconds! The NutriBullet won't blend long enough at one time to heat up the NutriBlast over 115 degrees F so this will help retain the vitamins and enzymes and help keep it within the "raw" guidelines. Each vitamin has its own unique temperature threshold of which I am not versed top of mind. But here's a handy chart to help explain: http://www.beyondveg.com/tu-j-l/raw-cooked/raw-cooked-2e.shtml If for some reason you require a longer blast time...add in some ice or frozen ingredients and be sure to rest it for at least 30 seconds in between each session (not to last more than 60 seconds each). Hope that helps.