What Protein Powder Do YOU Use? + New Recipe I Make and LOVE!

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Scott B.
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I would love to have a conversation with you all about the protein powder you use/recommend?

I love the "Optimum Nutrition Natual Whey (Vanilla)" protein powder because it is the purest, cleanest protein I have found...

But I was recently introduced to an all Vegan brand named "Vegan Sport" performance protein. 

Looking at the label it looks even cleaner than the Optimum Nutrition brand. 

Your thoughts? 



A favorite blast of mine that I have been making with the vanilla protein is as follows. 

1/4 cup frozen mixed berries (blue berries, rasberries) (I buy it at Costco)

Big handfull of spinach (you don't even taste it)

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk to the max line

One giant scoop of protein powder

*Blend for 10-15 seconds



You're one step ahead of us! We'll be posting some recommended brands shortly. It is a follow up to this article here: http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/fill-er-protein Stay tuned :)
What can I say...we are super fast :) Here it is... http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/which-protein-powder-best-you
Thanks for this Krista! :)
Wonderful! :)