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It is so hard being the only one in my house to try and eat healthy, My husband hates veggiesw,fruit

If it isnt Meat or potaotes he wont really eat it, I always try to get him to try different stuff ,he wont have it!

I get tired of basically cooking 2 diff meals.....

I am so glad I got the NB so now I can drink my veggies,and fruits,and not have to clean up all those pots

and pans,plus waste the food that goes in the refridgerator.Any suggestions on how to get him to try things?

If it looks healthy he "WONT" touch it! Hope to make some new friends here,I dont see much action at all on this site :(


Hi Donna! So your husbandHi Donna! So your husband won't even eat fruits? I was going to say to start with all fruit Blasts and slowly work veggies and greens in there, the only issue would be getting him to try an all fruit smoothie in the first place, but they're so delicious I don't see why or how he wouldn't like them! Then you can start adding a bit of greens and he wouldn't even notice the difference. But you're in a tough situation! I'm curious to see what ideas others have!
How about soups? You can make great pureed soups with the NutriBullet. Maybe start by steaming sweet potato and making a sweet potato soup (you can blend with veggie broth)...at least that way it's still a potato! Also, you could make veggie purees and add a bit into things like chili, spaghetti sauce or gravies. Start small and see how far you can take it. We just launched the forums...so stick with us, more people will be coming soon. :)
Most men like dessert! I've noticed a lot of experimentation with healthy desserts like banana "ice cream", chia pudding, avocado/cacao icing. Now I'm not saying feed your husband icing, but you get the idea! Start there, then work up to the green smoothies :)
Hi Donna, Most of the timeHi Donna, Most of the time people just think if it's healthy it can't taste very good. Make a soup or a desert in the NB and do not by any means tell him it is healthy. Part of the refusal is also rebellion. Serve it like you would anything else. You might even comment how you WISH you could make it healthier. It will get him to thinking it's not healthy so maybe he will try it. Sauces can also be very healthy when prepared in the NB. A good marinara or spaghetti sauce with lots of veggies in it. My grand kids never know there are carrots, zucchini, onions, spinach and bell pepper in it. Wally Bishop C.N.C.
I have to agree with Wally that rebellion is likely a factor. Here's what worked with my rebellious "everything healthy tastes awful" hubby (at least for a while). He likes V-8 juice, which I can't stand. So we made his blasts from spinach, kale, and fresh from our garden tomatoes and then made it savory, with fresh basil, a dash of tabasco, some olive oil, sea salt. He liked fiddling with it on his own - he is a great cook. Even though he has a terrible sweet tooth, he wasn't keen on my version with lots of fruit, kale, hemp seeds, goji berries, turmeric, cacao nibs, but he really did like "his" drink - for a while, anyway. Sigh....time to recite: "grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." Five months later, NB is part of my daily routine and I draw great satisfaction (and some serenity, too) in that.
My daughter doesn’t get enough fiber in her diet so I’ve created meatball/hamburger recipe that has a ton of it in there, and by using the Nutribullet I also add carrot and red pepper to the recipe without her even noticing. Ingredients: 1.5 lbs. ground beef 1 carrot 1 egg ½ red pepper 10 teaspoons of my fiber blend which is Hemp/Chia/Flax seeds 3 cloves garlic Whatever normal spices you use, I’m still using onion soup mix Normal filler Preparation: Will the milling tool of the Nutribullet I blend the fiber mixture until it’s a powder. Then I use the normal blade and blend the egg/carrot/pepper/garlic until it’s a liquid Mix it all together and you get high fiber burgers that taste good and the only difference is they are slightly lighter (less chewy) than a normal burger. I’m slowly using the concept in other foods as well and no complaints so far.
Great idea David - and great recipe!! :)
Is he at least open to trying something you make that is healthy AND tastes good? I think half the battle is getting over the hurdle of making something healthy taste good. What dishes do you make that are healthy and good that you think he would be open and willing to try? The best way to rope him in would be to ask for feedback on something. Say something like, "Honey, I'd like to have you try this new creation I made to let me know how you like the taste. I am on this kick of trying to make healthy things be healthy AND taste good." Let us all know how this works!
Donna, Something that mightDonna, Something that might work. Just keep doing for your own health and vitality. Once he sees how amazing you're doing and feeling maybe he will associate it with your healthy habits. I too have a husband that thinks all things green are horribly terrible.. but I do sneak in lots of things on him with soups and casseroles and he never even knows. :) Good luck and keep taking steps forward!
I almost didn't marry my husband when he said he didn't like anything berries (I can understand if your allergic)but he likes animals so I went for it:) Married in 1994 I realized many years ago I changed my eating to accommodate his choices. About 70lbs higher... this is my life and I know that I have to change for me...eat healthy/exercise and show husband and son the results of it. Husband is on a bunch of different meds. now, and I think I will head that way if I don't change. (I'm younger) Good luck to all those out there with stubborn partners...you can never please everyone but we need to show them how much we care about ourselves and maybe that will help them do the same!
Very well said Shelvis. Thank you for this post...Love it!
Same here Shelvis... I met mySame here Shelvis... I met my husband in 2004 when I was a certified trainer at a local gym. He looked healthy & fit, but in reality he was a type 1 diabetic with horrible eating habits. When I met him, I was 135 lbs, in a size 5 jeans. Unfortunately...in the last 9 years - the gym closed so I no longer work at the gym, I now have a sit down office job and what's even worse I picked up my husbands poor eating habits and I am now 220 lbs and in a size 16 plus size. :( I purchased my NutriBullet about a month ago. I am determined to make 2013 "THE YEAR" that I reclaim my old happy self. I my plan is to lose the 85 lbs I gained over the last 9 years. I know it won't be easy - but I also know that I can do it. As far as my husband, he DOES like bananas & strawberries...since banana's have a very strong flavor - I have managed to get him to drink Blasts with banana and I sneak other stuff in like pumpkin seeds, kale, spring mix, etc... He also likes pineapple so I add a little of that too for flavor. But what really sold him on the Blasts is, Wegmans sells a Vanilla Whey Protein Powder (sweetened with Stevia) - 1 scoop of that makes any shake taste good. Just some advice from someone walking in your shoes...good luck!!!