Whey Protein Powder

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Tom F.
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I just purchased the Nutribullet and started making some recipes. I don't currently have any of the boosters on hand. Can I add Whey Protein to my nutribullet as a supplement?


I would like to know this to. I heard you should have a combination of carbs and protein before a work out and then after a work out. So can I use it twice (whey protein) before and after a work out?
Any good recipes anybody, before and after a work out?
If I was you I would check out Brendan Brazier, Thrive Forward. It is FREE, personalized online program to help transform your health through plant-based nutrition. I've learned a lot there and could be helpful to you. Hope that helps! http://thriveforward.com/ Here is a great video by Brendan that spells out some of your questions regarding carb/protein/fat ratio percentage... http://youtu.be/z0OpRA8gN3Y
Carbs are good before and then the carb/protein combo is best for post-workout. Good additions for carbs include banana, dates, berries, oats, cooked quinoa, honey. Good protein boosters could be a protein powder (I'd opt for either hemp/pea/brown rice or an organic whey), also try nuts, nut butters (almond, cashew, walnut, etc.), pumpkin seeds or other favorite seed, lentils, garbanzo beans, and hemp or chia seeds. Here's one good pre and one good post NutriBlast recipe! Almonds Reign Supreme Fueling for endurance requires a readily available and long-lasting source of energy. This NutriBlast provides simple sugars from bananas and dates that are slowly released into the blood stream when combined with protein and healthy fats found in almond butter. Handful of spinach 1 -2 Tbsp almond butter 2 dates (pits removed) 1 banana (peeled) Almond milk to the max line and extract Bean There, Did That Make recovery look easy with this exotic blend of nutritious greens, anti-inflammatory cherries and ginger, and protein-rich beans! 25% spinach 25% bok choy ½ cup cherries (pits and stems removed) ¼ cup cooked garbanzo beans 1 banana 1 Thumb size fresh ginger 2 Basil leaves Coconut water to the max line and extract
Thank you Krista, I am ready to try some new combinations for my pre and post workouts.
Great post! I agree with you where you say... "Carbs are good before and then the carb/protein combo is best for post-workout." That is what I always follow and it works great!
I have on order, Pea Protein. It is from vegetable and not animal, as Whey is animal. But either is good. Whey has cholesterol. More likely to anyway!
Is Whey Protein Powder unprocessed food? Newbie. Really wondering. thanks!
Avacosta, ALL protein powders are Highly PROCESSED. They must go through rigorous extraction and drying processes in order to make it the powder that it is. Some are heated and most have added artificial, toxic, and unnecessary ingredients. Whey is even more processed in that it is first a byproduct of cheese making... then must be processed into powder form. There are some brands and types of proteins that are better than others - some may not use a heat source (keeping the proteins intact), some don't use added fillers, and the extraction process varies from one brand to the next. No one NEEDS protein powder. It is used as a convenient supplement to add when you feel like you are not meeting protein requirements. I prefer to get my nutrients in the proper ratio through whole foods. In my opinion, if choosing any type of processed protein powder, choose the most natural plant-based one you can find. I've written this Part 1 blog (see link below) and will follow up with a Part 2 that lists some of the "better" powders available on the market to you. http://nutribulletblog.com/fill-er-up-with-protein/