Who is who?? Community intro's

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L L.
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If intro's are posted elsewhere, can you please re-direct me? Otherwise, I will start off with myself.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Linda and I live in Colorado. My boardname: Rychedelic is a name I use in cyberworld because of a band I like. Anyhow, I'm in my 40's and 30 lbs overweight, YIKES! I'm a big-time FOODIE and I love to cook! Two years ago I started on Paxil for anxiety/pms issues but noticed that it made me extremely tired and constantly craving carbs. The weight has been creeping up, up, up and I just can't stand it any longer!!! Although I do exercise 3x/week, it hasn't helped. So I'm taking my life back and have been weaning myself off the medication, in search of a healthier approach to my issues. I joined the Nutriliving community because of the 3-day cleanse. I've been using the NB since mid-February, mostly for breakfast. Although I haven't seen any change on the scale yet, I do enjoy the nutrients I get by blasting.

The only other health issue I've had was two years ago, two gall-bladder attacks in one year (6 months apart). Luckily, no stones were seen in my ultrasound but the problem runs in my family. My mom, brother and sister have all had theirs removed. I have another sister who is about to get her gall-bladder removed and I am the last sibling who, I hope, will get to keep mine.

I have NEVER done a cleanse and so far I am actually enjoying it more than I expected. I hope by the end of these three days, I will be ready to step it up and replace two meals per day with my NB. I will also do my best to increase my exercise to 5x/week.

I would love to hear about you and your story for using the NB.

Cheers to our health!!

Welcome! :-)