Why my journey is important

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June K.
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Have you ever walked into the bathroom, look in the mirror and wonder is it worth it? Is all the work I am investing in myself to lose weight and be as healthy as I can be worth all this work? Have you stepped on your scale and either gained a pound or maintained and thought whats the sense? Well I had that thought today and my answer after little thought was YES!  I am worth every second that I commit to this journey. I realized that the journey that I have taken on is needed.  I need to learn how to treat my body right not keep damaging it with all the high fat processed junk foods. I need to treat it like it's the only one I have and if I want to feel good, lose weight and live longer I have to respect it.

Just think, if there was a magic pill that would take your weight off over night then you would continue to mistreat your body. You would continue to eat foods that are not good for you. My journey is teaching me what I need to do to heal my mind, body and soul. I need to learn how foods heal the body and mind.  I need to go through the process of losing weight slowly to see how much work it's going to take to put me where I need to be, so when I pick up that high fat candy bar or deep fried chicken wing I can think back to my original question, is it worth it?

Remember there are going to be times when you ask yourself that same question and you need to look at yourself and say yes I am worth it!  Keep working hard I know we can do this together. I had a small bump in the road and I stepped over it so I can continue on my journey to a healthier me and you :-)

You are so right it is worth it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Healthy wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Trucker Grandma, You have done so great in this journey....don't forget you are an inspiration to many others! And Wally, thank you for all your insight!
You are so right it is worth it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Healthy wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Cattlegirl it is a pleasure and a privilege to help. Thanks Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Thanks Cattlegirl! We can both make this journey successful and rewarding.
Incredible, Truckergrandma! Your health is absolutely worth it. Love the change in attitude that comes with a healthier body. Keep up the great work! :)
This is an amazing mindset shift that you just shared Tuckergrandma1! I can definitely relate to everything you are saying as I went on a body transformation journey in the past....and came to similar conclusions as you. We live in a world that wants us to be fat, lazy and unhealthy...very rarely do most people wake up to the realization that you just shared in this post. It is so great to have you be a part of this community...thank you for being transparent.
Beautifully written Truckergrandma! Love it; this is great :)