Winter Workouts

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Krista Haynes
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With the chill starting to creep into the air and the sun going down much earlier, several of us are having to move our activities indoors.  What are some good options to keep my blood flowing and those holiday pounds from piling up?

Winter WorkoutsI love bootcamp style classes. It keeps you moving for 60 minutes. You never have time to get cold. Plus, you feel so good when it's over. A spin class is good option too. Find something you like and just keep moving.
Winter Workout -I love my mini trampoline in the winter. Jumping up and down is fun and invigorating. Warning - if you have kids, good luck getting a turn on it. But, they need winter exercise too!
Dance ClassesTaking a hip-hop or jazz class is great way to get your body moving and feel a little bit of sunshine.
Yes. I do Tae Bo. Am the only person that's still a crazy Billy Blanks fan? haha
I heard there are new trampoline workouts popping up in some places. Here's one: Skyrobics at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park; 1625 W 190th Street, Gardena, CA 90248. We need to go check it out - and feel like a kid again :)
I love bicycling! I typically ride my bike 15 to 20 miles everyday Monday through Friday and then 40+ on Saturdays. The great thing with bicycling is that I can do intervals, aerobic and strength in one exercise type. I also do a weight circuit twice per week. I love exercising! Wally
Tae Bo?I saw Billy Blanks's son on The Shark Tank pitching his own exercise "sensation":
I love BB! I used to have his routines memorized. I think I have Tae Bo on VHS...but no player to see it on anymore :(
Chasing my 2 year old is great exercise...
Deadlifting a two-year-old is fun for him and healthy for you! :)
Spin classes are great! The chill in the air will feel great after one of those bad boys.
I do Zumba on DVDs but do a lot of dancing on the Let's Dance 4. Intense dance workouts!
P90X is a great indoor routine! Great variety of exercises and yoga. Love the energy the blasts give me for the workouts. Billy Blanks PT 24/7 is a great routine for cardio too!
I just tried my blast with kela, celery, spinach, parsley, baby tomatoes and bunch of cashews. I recommend you , is awesome !!!!
That 90 minute P90X yoga is pretty intense (in a good way!) I recall. Great suggestions Joseph.
One of the best things you can do after a meal is to do 30-40 air squats. This exercise activates your leg muscles (biggest ones on your body), and immediately will start the process of pushing the nutrients to those areas for the quick recovery. Another great exercise to do is simple walking lunges (Do 3 sets of 10 each leg) -Scott
Scott - can you explain how to do a leg squat in more detail? :)
Sure - Here is a greatSure - Here is a great youtube video showing how to do an air squat properly. Pay attention to the form (It is really important that you maintain good form to get the most out of the exercise). For walking lunges, go to youtube and search for "walking lunge." There are a lot of videos showing how to do it. Any other questions, let me know! -Scott
Love the recipe idea! The cashews must make it super creamy and yummy! :-)
P90X may be a little too intense for people starting out, but I agree it is a great workout overall when you are ready to tackle it!
Zumba is definitely a great workout for sure! Plus it is fun! :-)
LOL! This definitely made me laugh! -Scott
Interval bike workouts will make you a fat burning machine! Awesome! -Scott
I agree Kim! Morning bootcamp workouts are a great way to start the day!
This is my lazy way of indoor excercise: Watching TV: when commercials on, I work out my arms by lifting my 5 lb weights for each arm - each arm for every commercials. FYI: got this idea from a friend. - lol
Another great idea (if you have stairs) is to walk up and down your stairs for 10 minutes. This gets the blood flowing, your heart pounding, and your lungs breathing. Great way to get easy exercise leveraging 10 minutes of your time!
My son in law did this with all his kids when they were little. They love it and he said it is a great workout.
My Chiropractor suggested sitting on a large exercise ball to watch tv or work at the computer. I also have a rebounder I am about to dust off and set up if I want to watch tv I will walk on it or just do gentle bounces.