Worried about cup leaking

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Gary M.
Joined: 10/24/2014

Still learning how to use my Nutribullet Pro correctly. Twice now the cup leaked because I apparently overfilled the cup. As a result, a couple tablespoons of liquid drained out of the bottom of the base. There appears to be a small toothpick size hold in the bottom of the base where the plastic gear is located. Is there a possibility of liquid damaging the motor or innder parts?

(I just need to cut back on the "greens" when I load the cup)

I am having the same problem. I just got off the phone with a customer service representative who assured me that the motor is completely sealed within the base unit so, if liquids drip down into the base they will not damage the motor.
The motor itself is protected within the base housing. It'll be fine :). Be sure to stay under the max line on the cup you're using and you shouldn't have a leaking problem. If you continue to see leaks, however, don't hesitate to call Customer Service back as soon as possible. Customer Service can be reached at 855-346-8874 and their hours are 9-8pm EST everyday.