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Is MCT oil healthy?

I don't like any type of Olive oils. So for last few months have gotten from Swansons. MCT oil and use 1Ta day with 2 T.b. vinegar on my salads. cals are 100cals for 1T. What do u think of that oil?? Is it healthy? From what i have read it is, and helps burn fat, etc., and easier to digest. Just wondering. How much bigger the new nutria bullet. Cups. don't look that much bigger. I have been blasting as of April 1st. and doing well.

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5 years ago

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MCT oils are some of the most easily processed oils in the body. They absorb easily into the blood stream and are a healthy part of the diet. So glad to hear that Blasting has lead you down the path of health. The 900 series cup includes the colossal cup that is 32 ounces vs the tall cup which is 24 ounces.

5 years ago

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