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What foods should I stay away from with a pre-diabetic diagnosis?

Hi!!  I'm  a new nutriblaster....and just in time as I just was told that I am borderline diabetic and have a vitamin D deficiency.  My question is whether there are fruits I should stay away from in order to get my sugar levels out of the borderline area??  Or can I use most of the fruits as long as I'm. Icing with greens??  I wasn't sure if there were some pre-diabetic/diabetic specific recipes somewhere or that could be given. thanks!!

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5 years ago

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Hi, one thing that I have found about being diabetic is that what affects me may not affect you. I have found that berries are not too bad and I can tolerate apples & oranges but I eat the latter after a salad and it seems to slow the fruit from getting into my system.

I also eat a lot of vegetables & beans/pulses but no meat, fish or dairy & it seems to work for me. I have just bought a Nutribullet & hope that it will make my life easier with the "Blasts".

I hope that this will give you some food for thought & good luck with your quest, as you are pre-diabetic it is possible with a good diet to stave off the worst problems of diabetes.

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