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When should I include peels and seeds?

I'm making my first NutriBlast today and I'm confused about whether I should peel the fruit & vegetables, use the seeds & stems or not.  Some recipes say to core or peel, but not all do, so how do I know when to include peels & seeds and when not to?  Do I assume that if the recipe doesn't say to core or peel that I include all parts or the fruit?  Thank you for your help.

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4 years ago

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Did you check the Extraction Chart? If not, perhaps some help:
September 14, 2014
This chart should be part of the book.
Thank you. That was very helpful.
Pangaea, Thanks for askingPangaea, Thanks for asking this question. I wondered the same thing and didn't know of the "extraction prep chart". Carmin90066 thanks for the information~!
I brought some Welch's concord seeded grapes. I heard that you can blast them with the seeds because of the nutritional value of it, but why is it that the nutribullet doesn't break down the seeds completely.
Maybe try blending it a little longer? Some super small seeds like raspberry or blackberry are just too small and may not get completely pulverized, however I would think grape seeds would be large enough.

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