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Is there any nutritional information available for the recipes?

I am a type 1 diabetic and I am insulin dependent using an insulin pump.  My pump is set up in such a way that I count the carbohydrates that I will be eating and enter the amount into the pump and then the pump calculates the amount of insulin I should take.  With the nutriblasts the greens are some what carb free, however the fruits and nuts are not.  I have been estimating the carbs using trial and error. Sometimes I am close and other times I am not.  Is there any nutritional information on the recipes that you have listed in your books. If so how can I obtain a copy?

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5 years ago

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The best way to find exact carbs of certain recipes and foods is to use a calorie counter or recipe analyzer. I like or to assess nutrition status of our Blasts.

5 years ago

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I find it hard to understand that a company such as Nutirbullet whose main objective and advertisement is on health,does not have nutritional information information on all of the receipts that are suggested to be used by the general public. Aren't your allegations and comments on how specific blasts help specific allaments have to be substantiated and approved by governmaental agencies. Yor ingrediants are listed however their nutrientional valvues are not, Why is that?
We try to focus on the overall health properties of the ingredients vs. the nutritional numbers (as these can be found online by those who need to use them). Our Healing Foods section discusses the health benefits for specific ingredients. In addition, we have numerous articles that discuss tips, suggestions and healthy recipes for certain health conditions. Since this is an educational website, these are not intended as medical advice and we suggest discussing any dietary change with your healthcare provider. The NutriBullet is a way to increase fruit, vegetable and other plant-based foods into ones diet. This is found in numerous research studies to help with a variety of health conditions.
Also type 1, and I usually make an educated guess (was always taught that 1 small orange = approx. 15 carbs or 1/2 banana = approx. 15 carbs, etc.) There's a ton of literature out there that should be helpful and memorizing the basics (banana, berries, almonds, - or at least the fruits you use most often) is super helpful. For those times I don't know, I google!
I am a T2 diabetic and found that I have to count my carbs every single day. I use Livestrong to keep me on track.
My question is I am pre diabetic,I also need to lose 30 pounds to get to the weight where I feel my best. ShouldI stick to the diabetic recipes or the weight loss recipes or is mixing them up ok? Where can I find additional recipes for both.
The great thing about NutriBlast recipes are that they often overlap! It is first important to maintain a stable blood sugar level as this will help with weight loss. When you know how certain ingredients affect your blood sugar, then it'll be easier to determine which Blast recipes are best for you. The recipes that help with blood sugar are often filled with fiber and protein and lower in sugar - all three which are important to help shed those unwanted pounds.
I have just been diagnosed as type 2 diabetic. I am also overweight. I need to know how much fruit I can have on a daily basis so I can spread it out in the drinks. I have the veggies and they are okay by themselves but they have fruits in them and I'm not sure I should have them. I don't know how much I should have per day.
Everyone is different, it just depends on how your body reacts. I suggest you either do your own experiment by drinking a few different Blast recipes and test your blood sugar or meet with your Dr. or a personal Dietitian who can help plan an appropriate meal plan for you while considering any medications (if applicable). In the meantime, there are a few links to get you started. We have some great resources right here on NutriLiving to help you incorporate Blasting effectively with blood sugar imbalance. I also suggest you search
I would like nutritional values, I am watching my sugar consumption and no where is it found in your recipes. If you are looking for recipes anywhere on the intranet they always have nutrition values.

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