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How can I find recipes for my conditions?

My name is David im 32 yrs I weight 245.i have blood pressure,cholesterol,and im I have stress and anxiety I want to know what nutriblast can I drink for this tired of medicine and feeling like this please give me some advise thank you.

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6 years ago

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David, I urge you to use the Search function on the home page of this site. If you type in these issues you're dealing with, you'll see articles, NutriBlast recipes, healing foods and forums related to them! Here are a few to get you started! Explore and experiment with your NutriBlasts. Many have found that it has helped them lose weight, improve heart health, and lower or completely get off their medications. Please talk w/ your Dr. before starting any new diet regimen :)
Thank you very much Krista I'll do that. I'am tired of taking medicines, and I think that's what's causing me anxiety and stress because I wasn't like this before taking it.but thanks for your advise and I will look in to it.

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