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Do chia seeds and chia gel have the same number of calories?

Is chia seeds vs chia gel, the same calarie count?? Last couple days have been putting chia seeds 1T, with water . Should I use all of that,  That the 1T. made.of gel?

Also today I added 2T goji berries with the chia gel and going to try that. 2T. goji berries 100 cals. I have read that puting goji berries in water makes a great juice. That would be great to add that in blast to get better results. Also useing fresh Aloe vera.1 leaf from plant.

Also is it better the keep chia or Goji in bags they came with or put in  some thing else? Thank You.

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5 years ago

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Kind, you can keep the chia and goji in the bags that they come in. Just be sure they are tightly sealed.

I'm not quite sure I understand your question about chia seeds vs. the gel. If you are using 1 Tbsp to make a gel, then it will be the same caloric content if you mix it with water. However, it expands as the seeds absorb the water to you will end up with more volume if it is in the gel form. Also, if you use another liquid like almond milk, then the calories in that should be accounted for as well.

Goji berries are dried so when soaking in water, they will absorb water too and expand as they are rehydrated. Some of the soak water would be delicious as the flavors seep out into it, infusing it with a berry flavor :) Yum.

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