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Does flax seed have the same effect as fish oil or omega supplements?

My doctor has put no restrictions on regular diet other than fats and sodium, but says I am never under any circumstances to take fish oil or other omega supplements because it interferes with my heart medication. How do flaxseed, etc compare on that scale? Are they food or supplement level?

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5 years ago

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Flaxseeds are considered a food. It is usually only with a high dosage of fish oil/omega-3s that physicians are concerned with the blood thinning effects of these supplements. Research has not shown flax to have the same effects. However, please discuss this with your Dr. since he/she will know the specific food/drug interactions of your medication.
I personally like Flax seed better. It is loaded with Omega 3,6,12 and its cheaper than fish oil. I think Flax seed are better are less fishy tasting. The very best is the refrigerated pressed oil type, but I just use the seeds because I like them. The oil is the best, I think, but I am just a guy trying to save a few bucks.=)
please discuss this with your Dr. First.
Most doctors know little or nothing about foods

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