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Can I use beet leaves?

This morning I bought a few beets with leaves attached. Can the leaves be used? And how much beet is used for smoothies? I know the flavor is strong and I'm kind of afraid of it lol

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5 years ago

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Traecy beets are very healthy and a good choice for blast. You can also use the beet greens just like you would spinach, kale or chard. They are very healthy.

The powder is fine to use but it is not as nutrient rich as using afresh beat.

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Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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I tried juicing whole beets, when i was useing a juicer.It was a mess. And for some reason, I just can not get pass on useing reg. beets in green smoothies. From what I was reading today. You can buy beetroot powder . I was thinking of trying that. What would you think? Beets are to be good for the liver,. Just wondering how Beetroot powder would be? Thanks
Kind, I dont know how the powder would taste cause I dont yet know how beets taste. Ive always been afraid of beets based on what they look like but since my health seems to spuraling downward Im willing to try things I would never touch before.

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