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What ingredients can help flush a fatty liver?

i have been diagnosed with a fatty liver.  are there any ingredients that would help flush the fat?

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5 years ago

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Here are some general tips that you can ask your Dr. about! Pay attention to simple carbohydrates and reduce the foods with high amounts of sugar and starch. Check out this blog here for more info on this: Also: - the herb milk thistle helps with liver health - betaine found in beets, broccoli, grains, and spinach may help protect against harmful fatty deposits in the liver. -Selenium (Brazil nuts), vitamin E (sunflower seeds/almonds/leafy greens), and probiotics (kombucha) have also been linked to improvements in liver health.
I have also been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, and recently had to have my gall bladder removed. I am new to the Nutri bullet thing and in the book there wasn't much information about fatty liver or gall bladder. What are some good foods that I can use in my Nutri Bullet to help with digestion issues and also macular degeneration. Thank you!
Check out the previous post for fatty liver. For gallbladder removal, hopefully the Dr. helped you with some dietary recommendations post surgery. Most often with a gallbladder removal, you'll need to reduce consumption of high fat foods - spread out fats more evenly throughout the day and maybe limit to about 3-5g/meal (discuss w/ your Dr. or RD). In addition eating high fiber foods is good as well as small, frequent meals vs. a few large ones. Also, avoiding dairy (especially the full fat versions like whole milk, ice cream and cheese) could be helpful with digestion and any IBS symptoms. When Blasting, note that the fiber might be more than you are used to....take it slow and be sure to drink plenty of water (YES, I said water!) to flush it all thru. To make water a bit more palatable, try putting in some cucumber slices or lemon slices or even orange or whatever fruit you like - this infused water is so refreshing and not boring like plain water! Check out some additional gallbladder info from Sarah here:

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