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How can I keep my produce fresh?

I am new to the NB life and I love the blasts that I have been making. My main concern is how to keep my produce fresh? It seems I am going to the grocery every other day to get more of a certain food because it is going bad. Obviously this is a bit frustrating and can be expensive....How do you suggest to store our fresh produce and have it last a bit longer? I use storage containers and clips on bags of items but it's not really working out very well.

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5 years ago

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The best way to store fruits and veggies is to prep them and then freeze them. Freezing actually helps preserve certain nutrients, so your fruits and veggies will stay fresh and you can use them for several weeks.

5 years ago

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Can ALL veggies and fruits be frozen?
I am rather lazy, so I chose to keep one shelf in my fridge for my fruits and veggies. I prepped all the the veggies, and kept them in plastic containers. To prep them, I washed them, and rinsed them, then chopped them, then rinsed all chopped pieces in a LARGE bowl with water with fresh lemons squeezed into it. The Juice of one lemon per bowl should do it. I put a paper towel in the bottom of each container, then added the veggies. I always kept one large container of lemon rinsed spinach, then smaller containers of other veggies. As suggested by NutriLiving, freeze the fruit that goes bad quickly, and use the SNACK size plastic bag to freeze your fruits so that you can quickly drop them into the bullet.
Sometimes the bullet has a hard time with large pieces of frozen fruit, so thaw it out for a minute or two in the microwave!
Okay, maybe not as lazy as I thought. LOL

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