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Why did the Fatigue-Fighting Macarita make me sick?

I had a blast this morning with: Swiss Chard, Banana, Almonds, Spirulina, Maca (powder), to MAX LINE Water. I was not able to even finish the blast.  I drank about half of it and initially I stopped drinking it because the taste was much to "planty" like.  But then I began to feel bloated and even more so nauseated.  It is the first time I have felt this way.  About an hour later I vomited which alleviated some of the stomach pain.  I thought I was going to vomit some more but nothing else can to. Around 11 am I wanted to see if one of my snacks would help with things.  I had a pack of peanut butter crackers and a cereal bar.  After that the pain really just left.  I just finished a bowl of nut and honey cereal with blue berry's and almond milk and still feel fine.  Love the nutribullet and looking forward to getting healthy, any ideas would be welcome! Mark

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5 years ago

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It sounds like something in the Blast may have been spoiled. Have you had this problem with any other Blasts?

5 years ago

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Mark, I cannot comment on why the drink made you sick, but I have already voiced my opinion of Spirulina. I know it's supposed to be awesome, but I cannot get past the "ocean" taste. I'm sure that's what made the drink so "undrinkable" for you. I've tried smaller and smaller quantities in my Blasts, but I can still taste it. If you find a good recipe for Spirulina, please let us know! Otherwise, good luck with your Blasting. I know you'll find some good combinations of fruit/veggies that will taste much better.
No. And everything that was used in the blast was new. Other then the spirulina and maca powder, which were bought yesterday, all other ingredients were bought Saturday. I did rinse the Chard before putting into NB. Thank you.
It sounds like you may have had an allergic reaction to a specific ingredient. It may be worth it to try east Blast ingredient separately to narrow down which specific food is causing the reaction. It may be your body is not use to the large influx of high nutritious ingredients. I would start with eliminating the Maca and Spirulina and see if that helps. If you continue to have digestive issues, I would include a half inch or ginger or some mint leaves to settle the stomach. Peanut butter, bananas, raw oats, coconut water and unsweetened almond milk should all be gentle on the stomach. Papaya and pineapple contain digestive enzymes that may help your body process certain foods. Keep me posted and together we will get to the bottom of this!
Mark I can tell you that for some people spirulina and maca can cause stomach irritation, bloating and diarrhea. I would remove those first and try again with just one of them to see if you can find the trigger.

I hope this helps

Healthy wishes,
Wally Bishop C.N.C.

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