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Are there different types of mint?

I stated earlier that I really like to add a few Mint leaves to my blasts.  Well, I went to the grocery store last night and bought a little plastic thing of Mint from some company called "The Herbal Garden".  When I popped it open I thought, "That doesn't smell very minty".  It really smelled more like catnip or something.  Well, I know there's a plant called "Catmint" out there, but I'm sure they're not selling that and calling it Mint. When I tasted my Blast, it didn't have that yummy Mint taste that I always love.  Instead, it tasted like whatever these leaves are. "Catnippy".  Are there many different types of Mint available in the supermarket?  Can they just label them "Mint" no matter what they are?  'Cause this is NOT the same Mint I bought the last time! Steve

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5 years ago

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OK, I'm going to try to answer my own question. I've done some research on the "Mint" they sell in grocery stores. Apparently, the last batch of Mint I bought (and loved) was Peppermint. It was refreshingly cool and sweet. I found out that Peppermint has menthol in it that tricks your mouth into thinking it's cooler in there. This is what I liked about the last Mint I bought. Spearmint is probably what I've got right now. It has a more harsh or pungent taste. Like Wrigley's Spearmint gum. Once I read that, I took a good sniff of my mint. It smells just like the gum. And I don't like it much in my Blasts. I guess since the grocery store Mint doesn't say what it is, I now know to open it up a little and smell it (I can't identify it by it's leaves). I just thought they were all "Mint". Now I know. -Steve
Thanks for the info, always great to keep learning!
I hardly ever check the mint before leaving the store. This is good information. I knew there were several different types, but didn't realize that they may be mislabeled at the store. Thanks for the educational lesson :)
I recently bought some organic mint in a plastic container, but I always open the package to smell for freshness and I ALWAYS check the freshness date. You might get the 1st pkg. in line on the shelf but the "best to use by" date in 2 days. The newer product is always supposed to go in the back so the older product ( of any kind) gets used and sold first. Some stores and/ or and employees don't follow that rule and I've been surprised after getting home that my container of yogurt, or whatever, was either expired or will be in 2 days. Legally, stores are not to have expired products on shelves. I worked enough retail so that's how I know. So if I come across that situation, I reach back and get the fresher stuff.

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