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How can I gain weight with short bowel syndrome?

I have had several surgeries for small intestinal obstructions due to History of Rectal Cancer-Radiation-surgery adhesions.  Looking for Nutribullet recipes to help me gain weight and adsorb better so I can get off my TPN (Total Parental Nurtrition) feedings.  And to lessen the episodes of loose stools. (10-15 per day.

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4 years ago

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First you must be cleared with your doctor that it is safe for you use your GI tract and drink liquid foods. With obstructions and being on TPN there are a lot of measures that need to be taken before you can start eating or drinking foods again. An RD can help you transition from TPN to food and will need to monitor intake vs output. When you have established an ability for a PO diet, I would suggest checking out this article: There are great tips and foods that you can include in your diet for increase calorie intake.

4 years ago

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