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Will NutriBullet chop nuts and seeds finely enough for someone with diverticulitis?

Does the Nutribullet chop nuts, seeds, and berries enough for someone with diverticulitis to have them without flare up?

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4 years ago

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That's a great question. My Mom has diverticulitis as well. Although she has had a couple of smoothies I made with blackberries & raspberries, there are a lot of seeds in them. I hope an expert in the forum will let us know if there is a way to resolve the seed issue. Maybe I need to do the berries separately??
The research is varied as to weather nuts and seeds can actually cause flare ups: GI disorders tend to be very specific to each person and the foods that cause a reaction vary. Including a Blast is a great way to increase fiber in the diet and promote regularity which can help with flare ups. Seeds from berries are one of the harder items to break down and you will be able to taste them and feel them in your Blast. If you are concerned with seeds I would suggest limiting the amount of raspberries and blackberries as those tend to have the most seeds. Chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds and nuts are blended very smoothly in the NutriBullet.

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