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What's the difference between juicing and NutriBlast?

I saw the documentary, Fat Sick and nearly Dead.  It supports juicing for healthier living.  What are the pros and cons of juicing vs nutriblast system? I hate to waste the pulp when I juice. Do you have faster weight loss when you juice or blast?  Are more calories consumed when you blast?

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5 years ago

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a few notes...the NutriBullet is not a juicer so the reasons for using it to make NutriBlasts are slightly different, but not entirely diff. than if someone was doing a juice "cleanse". The NutriBullet retains the fiber, but it also pulverizes it into the tiniest particles so that your digestive system doesn't have to work to break it down. Some might say it is "predigested". There is research to show that these particles are more easily absorbed than if chewing or using a regular blender. A bonus of including the fiber is that it blunts the effects that the sugars have on your blood sugar levels. Pure juice will raise blood sugar faster and higher than a NutriBlast. Fiber is also necessary for cleansing the helps bind toxins and move them through to elimination. There is a small amount of fiber in juice, but not nearly enough to subsist on for a long duration. Now I am not saying juicing is bad, however there is a time and a place for both it and the NutriBullet. One should not compare the two as they are different products and used for different purposes. Now for weight loss, we've seen people lose weight both with Blasting and with Juicing. However, an important part of lasting weight loss is sustainability, satiety, and blood sugar/insulin (or general hormone) control. Juices do not fill you up as much, lack certain nutrients (fiber/fat/protein), and due to the lack of fiber - are more prone to spiking blood sugar and insulin.
Thank you...just had my first seems too watery. Can I add ice cubes to the nutribullet along with the fruit and veggies - and not so much water?
Feel free to add less liquid or try almond milk instead for a creamier texture. I'd suggest adding in a few things that might help thicken the Blast so it's not so watery. Try old fashioned rolled oats, avocado, flax or chia seeds, or even frozen fruits instead of the ice. However, ice can be included.

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