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How can I build up my red and white blood cells?

I have a need to build my blood up.  The red and white blood cells as well as platelets.  I have chronic lyme(old infection) and fibromyalgia.  I struggle with fatigue, dizziness, brain fog at times.  So, basically I would like to build up my blood.  I don't know what system blood is in terms of blasting to improve my blood.  Could you please advise me.  Also, take multi vitamin, vit C(500) ,  vit E, lysine, coQ10, and B complex.  Please advise.  Thank You.

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6 years ago

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Hello! While I cannot provide any personal medical advice, I can point you toward some blood-building ingredients. Please discuss the best options with your Dr. and a dietitian who can sit down with you and discuss your personal health history and make sure these are appropriate for your condition.

- beets
- mushrooms
-wheatgrass and chlorella (and other dark leafy greens b/c they are rich in iron and chlorophyll)
- prunes and raisins and dried apricots
- herbs and spices: ginger, cardamon, nettles, and alfalfa

*the key nutrients for "blood building" are iron, B12, and folic acid.

Check out FAQ#13 here for info about Fibromyalgia:
Dear Krista, Thank You for your advice. I will forward this information to my doctor as well as hollistic doctor of acupuncture. If anyone else has chronic lyme disease and has information please send me comments.

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