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Is the fiber content in the blast the same as for solid foods?

I have a question on fiber and the NB, Today I made my usual NB drink. After measuring and weighing the contents. I use the Recipe caluculater to figure out my nutrition data. My carb was 52, dietary fiber was 23.7 and the sugar (complex) is 18.1. Of course this is all raw material, stems skins included. My question is the so if I were to eat these fruits and veggies my fiber is 23.7. Since I mixeded the contents and drank them. Will the fiber content be the same? I was a juicer for some time. But I felt it was a waste not to use the fiber. Being a diabetic and know fiber is good for us I started using the NB. I know because of the high fiber content, my sugars are stable after drinking NB drinks. My starting sugar levels are around 100, and two hours later they are simular in level readings.

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4 years ago

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Yes, since you are using the whole fruit, all the fiber is retained and it would be the same! Since you are reducing the particle size of the food (smaller than would be if you were to chew the whole fruit/veggie) then it most likely is digested quicker and may affect your blood sugar a bit differently than if you were to eat it in whole food form. It's always best to see how your body reacts by monitoring your blood sugar which it looks like you are doing :)

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