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Do I use rinds in the tumeric recipes?

I have seen one recipe that calls for using the rinds for the lime, lemon and grapefruit in your book titled "Nutribullet User Guide and Recipe Book" on page76 - Inflammation Elimination. In your book titled "Nutribullet Natural Healing Foods" on page 41 Tumerific recipe which is similar but does not call for rinds. Which is correct or are these two different recipes one that uses rinds and one that does not?

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5 years ago

Official Answer

These are two different recipes. If you like the rinds you can always keep them in. You do not have to follow the recipes exactly, there is always room for modification and tailoring them to be something you love drinking!

5 years ago

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I am having a problem with the rinds not grinding fine enough. Plus the drink is so bitter, what am I doing wrong?
The rinds are probably the cause of the bitterness...try the recipe without them. Also, I know that turmeric is a bit harsh in flavor for me in large may wish to reduce the amount and slowly work up from there.

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