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How can I prevent pulmony embolisms and heart attacks?

What would be some good smoothie and or juice recipes for clearing blockages that resulted in an experience of an Pulmonary Embolism to include post recovery and long term preventive of this situation or potential heart attack.  Any information would greatly be appreicated. 

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4 years ago

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You should speak with your doctor or a dietitian that knows your medical history to receive more personalized recommendations. It is hard to give specific advice without knowing anything about your background. Here is a great website to find a local RD: Having a balanced diet can help support overall health. Decreasing processed foods, added sodium, fried foods and refined sugars are best for the body. Increasing foods high in antioxidants like berries, dark leafy greens, hemp seeds, chia seeds, turmeric, and SuperFoods SuperReds powder can help the body clear out harmful cells.

4 years ago

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