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Where can I find information on blasting with type 2 diabetes?

Please help to lower type II diabetes.  There are super foods and certain combinations used to reduce or eliminate diabetes, I just can't find specific recipes on the website. I purchased my nutribullet and am so happy with my energy levels and quality of life.  Have sold several nutribullets, friends/coworkers seeing the changes in my health. This question is for a coworrker who may purchase a nutribullet, he wants to know if there really is a chance this will work before investing in a life style change. I want/need to show him a couple recipes, and how easy this is.

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4 years ago

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Hey there! What a nice co-worker you are :) First, I want to clarity, that an overall healthy diet and active lifestyle is the key to managing blood sugar and potentially reversing Type II diabetes. NutriBlasts can help you include the recommended fruits, veggies and other plant-based foods that are key to a healthy diet and blood sugar management. Here's a great article that talks about NutriBlasting effectively with diabetes!

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