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Is bloating and discomfort normal for a first-time Nutribullet user?

I've just started juicing with my Nutribullet this week (about 3 days)  What I do is have a protein shake in the morning consisting of 1/2 banana, berries (1/2cup) 1/4c oats, chia seeds, 2 tbsp of pea protein and almond milk and i also make a juice to take with me to work.  usually kale, celery, cucumber, ginger  or carrot and apple and ginger.  I have found my tummy is quiet bloated and a bit uncomfortable - is this normal.  Shall i keep at it?  I would like to drop a dress size for my brother's wedding, hence my wanting to give juicing a try.  Shake for brekkie, juice for snacks, a sensible lunch and a protein shake for dinner is the plan.

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5 years ago

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Bloating is often a side effect when one starts to incorporate more fiber quickly into their diet. Keep drinking plenty of water to help flush it though and if you have to, cut back a little and then reintroduce more fibrous foods slowly. Also, drink slowly. It may also be due to other reasons. Here's a good article on bloating with other suggestions on how to beat it: As far as your daily menu, just be sure you are getting enough calories and healthy fats too! It's ok to sub in a NutriBlast as a meal replacements as long as it contains a nice combination of protein, healthy fats and carbs! Including veggies, some low glycemic berries and nuts or seeds with your protein shakes will help you meet those quotas.
can someone please assist me and give me suggestions???? I want to juice and blend, but I am lost
hello, I am trying to find out the best place to purchase goji berries and raw cacao. I am trying to do the cholesterol crusher blast and the hormone helper so is there a substitute for them if you cant find those items.
We have goji berries! (you will only be able to find the dried goji in the US) You can also find goji and cacao nibs or cacao powder at natural foods markets or Whole Foods. There are also places online to order them from like these two: If for some reason you cannot find these, you may use raspberries or another favorite berry for the goji berries and then a high magnesium seed like pumpkin, sunflower, or sesame seeds in place of the cacao.
I think goji berries are cheaper here:
Thanks all! I am new memberThanks all! I am new member and I appreciate the tips and all the information you have provided. This is something to remember since I am just starting.
Oh-ug! Made my first 'green' drink and feel like I grazed the front lawn! Kale, celery, berries & a whole banana (was trying to save the taste). In reading the receipts I know I won't do avocados, papaya, and green Melendez-just don't like them to begin with & allergic as well. Not sure about collard greens & Swiss kale. Does anyone have vegi suggestions that won't taste like the lawn? Losing weight & immunity build goals. Thanks! Cynthia
Baby organic spinach is awesome! It's taste is mild and it still gives you the benefit of greens in general! I love it and am using it all the time I'm still in the first month of adding green smoothies to my diet in an attempt to cleanse my system a bit and get healthier!

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