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Why am I experiencing cramping and discomfort?

I have been juicing for 3 months. I stepped up to 2 a day. Plus meals. Suddenly, I was unable to tolerate it. I was cramping, distended and feeling ill or almost 3 hours. I eliminated each ingredient. No one ingredient was involved. 

I attempted last week to start again. I started slow and all seemed well. Yesterday I tried again and was ill. Not sure if I drank to fast but again for 3 months this was a non issue. help I miss my superfood juice.

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6 years ago

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Karina - I cannot determine what might be causing this from what you've told me, but let's see if we can narrow it down.

My initial thoughts were a food intolerance or allergy.

Other issues may be the sudden increase in large amounts of fiber. If you increase fiber without also increasing water intake, it can cause a "backup" or constipation. You don't have to share with me if you're not comfortable, but how are your bowel movements? Prior to consuming NutriBlasts, did your diet include many high fiber foods like fruits, veggies, or grains? What ingredients are you using in your NutriBlast (liquid included)? Are you rotating your greens or are you consuming the same recipes each day?
I was definitely not a healthy eater. My bm' s were amazing at first. Now not as good. At one point I did add corn husk phylum . Usual juice included; kale, celery or cucumber, tbs bee pollen,tbs of chia seeds, tsp of macca, tbs of goji berries, 5/5 cacao beans, 2 tbls of hemp seed, spoonful of coconut oil, 1 cup blueberries, raspberries, sometimes 1/2 apple or carrot. Acidosis/ bifodiuos 1 tsp. filling with water to line...I tried to lighten the amts and add water but still no relief.
You may want to look into some of the suggestions in this article here:

I don't really see any issues with the foods you're using in your NutriBlast. A few suggestions you may want to think about or look further into are: The psyllium and chia absorb water which means you need to up your water intake in between Blasts so that things continue to flow. Maybe cut out the maca for a while (this should be used sporadically to continue to see the positive effects), maybe switch up your green from kale to chard or to spinach which is a bit easier to digest for some people. If you still continue to feel discomfort, then discontinue use and consult with your Dr. as there may be some underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Keep me posted!
I like the ingredients in the article that you posted. I think I will try them. Although I am regular when it comes for voiding. Always looking for new recipes though!

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