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Can I use skim milk instead of water?

Hello, I'm new to using the Nutribullet, I wanted to ask questions and get ideas. Instead of using water, can I use skim milk on some blasts? I just not sure what fruits you can mix with milk? Or if you can even mix vegetables with milk? I also wanted to get my girls that are 2 years and 4 years to drink blasts and wanted to know if there are some things that might not be good for them like the maca, cacao and some seeds or etc... Thanks for your help.

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5 years ago

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I use almond milk in my Blasts every day and if you want to use skim milk that is just fine. When it is mixed with fruits and veggies it tastes pretty amazing. I would hold off on using maca and cacao for your children. Cacao has natural caffeine and maca interacts with hormones in the body, they are not bad but I would just avoid giving them to pre-pubescent children.

5 years ago

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