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What do you recommend for short bowel syndrome?

What recommendations do you have for persons who have Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS)? Individuals with SBS have less than 6.5 feet of small bowel; normal small bowel length ranges from 12-23 feet. This means that the amount of surface area available for nutrient absorption is greatly diminished, causes diarrhea, and results in chronic dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and malnutrition.  Certain foods are beneficial and are better tolerated.  Eating too many foods which are high in oxalate can result in kidney stones.  More information about managing the diet of individuals with SBS can be found in a pamphlet published by the Nutrition Unit of the Emory University School of Medicine Clinical Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia (404-727-7349).  The title of the pamphlet is Dietary Strategies for Managing Short Bowel Syndrome. Please let me know if you have any recipes for individuals with SBS.

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4 years ago

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I would look at including binding foods that are lower in oxalic acids. Try foods like romaine lettuce, blueberries, berries, raw whole grain oats, bananas, apples, rice and peanut butter. These foods can help get your body the nutrients it needs and help manage symptoms like diarrhea.

4 years ago

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