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Should I include mango skin?

So I just started adding Mangos to my blasts. My question is should I be including the skin as we'll or should I peel it? I know ur not suppose to eat the skin so not sure if I should be leaving it on. Thanks. FYI I love my nutriblast and now I'm getting my daily dose, probably more, of fruits and vegetables. 

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5 years ago

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I just looked at the link above re:veg and fruit prep and wondered why bananas must be peeled? I never peel them as I figure the more insoluble fibre the merrier, or is this incorrect?
You can leave the peel on if you'd like - if doing so, be sure to get organic bananas as the conventional are not as clean of pesticides. Most people just can't imagine eating a banana peel so that is why we removed it - either way is fine.
The link to download and print the extraction prep chart isn't there in my Firefox browser. When I try to print the page that comes up with no link, I get 17 pages--and they all start at the top.

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